What are the top 10 songs by Queensryche?

issuing time: 2022-09-20

1. "The Game"2. "Queen of the Reich"3. "Empire"4. "Silent Lucidity"5. "Operation: Mindcrime"6. "The New Religion"7. "Suicidal Dreams"8. "In the Name of God…"9. "…And Justice for All"10.

  1. "Queen of the World"
  2. "We Will Rock You"
  3. "Another One Bites the Dust"
  4. "I Want to Break Free"
  5. "Radio Ga Ga"
  6. "Killer Queen"
  7. "Somebody to Love"
  8. "The Show Must Go On"
  9. "Fat Bottomed Girls" "God Save the Queen".

What are Queensryche's biggest hits?

  1. "Queen of the Night"
  2. "The New World"
  3. "I Don't Believe in Love"
  4. "Empire"
  5. "Silent Lucidity"
  6. "Jet City Woman"
  7. "Liar"
  8. "Riding on the Wind"
  9. "Walking In My Shadow" "The Rage Within".

What are the best-known queensryche songs?

  1. "Queen of the Night"
  2. "The Mission"
  3. "Empire"
  4. "The Last Battle"
  5. "Crystal Ball"
  6. "I'm Not Afraid to Die"
  7. "Promises in the Dark"
  8. "Riding on the Wind"
  9. "Heart of Steel"
  10. "Breaking the Silence".

What are the group's most famous songs?

1. "Queen of the Reich"2. "The Game"3. "Operation: Mindcrime"4. "The Final Cut"5. "One World"6. "The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)"7. "I Want to Break Free"8. "Heaven and Hell"9. "Iron Maiden"10."Hallowed Be Thy Name".

Which queensryche tunes are most recognizable?

  1. "Queen of the Night"
  2. "The Phantom of the Opera"
  3. "Die Young"
  4. "The Clairvoyant"
  5. "I Don't Believe in Love"
  6. "Wild Child"
  7. "Empire"
  8. "Heart of Steel"
  9. "Painkiller" "Hell Bent for Leather".

Which of their songs get played the most on the radio?

  1. "Queen of the Reich"
  2. "The Miracle"
  3. "Don't Tell Me You Love Me"
  4. "I Want to Break Free"
  5. "Somebody to Love"
  6. "We Are the Champions"
  7. "Hammer of Justice"
  8. "You're My Best Friend"
  9. "Flash of Light""110% Pure Hell""The Game""One Night In Bangkok""Operation: Mindcrime""Empire of the Sun""""In The End".

What would you say are Queensryche's defining tracks?

  1. "Empire"
  2. "Operation: Mindcrime"
  3. "The Warning"
  4. "I Don't Believe in Love"
  5. "Painkiller"
  6. "The Silent Force"
  7. "Shadow of the Day"
  8. "Riding on the Wind"
  9. "Queensryche"- The Best of Queensryche (1995-199

which ten tracks would you consider to be essential listening for any fan of Queensryche?

  1. "Operation: Mindcrime"
  2. "Empire"
  3. "The Warning"
  4. "Queen of the Reich"
  5. "The Unforgiven II"
  6. "In The Name Of God…"
  7. "…And Justice For All"
  8. "…Of Thee I Sing"
  9. "I Don't Believe In Love" "Soldiers of Fortune".

If someone only knew ten Queensryche songs, which ones would you want them to know?

This epic and powerful song tells the story of a young girl who is forced to become queen after her father is murdered, and she must fight for her kingdom against all odds. It features some of Queensryche's most famous lyrics, including the line, “And I will rise up like a phoenix from the ashes”.

This song tells the story of a woman who becomes queen after her brother is killed, and she has to fight against all kinds of enemies to keep her throne safe. It features some amazing guitar work by Geoff Tate, and it remains one of Queensryche's most popular songs to this day.

This song tells the story of a man who is sentenced to death for treason, but he hopes that on his last day alive he can finally find peace and redemption. It features some haunting vocals by Scott Rockenfield, and it remains one of Queensryche's most emotional songs ever written

This song tells the story of a man who has spent his entire life wasted away in drugs and alcohol, but eventually decides that he wants to change his life around and start living meaningfully again. It features some catchy guitar work by Michael Wilton, and it remains one of Queensryche's crowd favourites today

This song was inspired by science fiction author Philip K Dick, and it tells the story of a man who is struggling with reality after being diagnosed with schizophrenia. It features some intense vocal work by Geoff Tate, as well as an iconic synth solo that still sounds fresh today

This powerful ballad tells the story of a woman who has been through too much pain in her life - both personal and political -and she just wants to go home Finally free from all her burdens


  1. "Queen of the Reich" "Empire" "The Last Day" "Wasted Years" "Silent Lucidity" "I Want Out" "Operation: Mindcrime II" "Cry Of The Martyr" "Soldiers of The Cross""Rising Force"! Empire
  2. Queen of the Reich
  3. The Last Day
  4. Wasted Years
  5. Silent Lucidity
  6. I Want Out
  7. Operation: Mindcrime II

Who decided on the order of the top 10 list and why were those particular tracks chosen over others?

The order of the top 10 list was decided by a committee that included representatives from Queen, their record label and music journalists. The committee looked at a variety of factors, including fan voting, when songs were released and how often they are played on radio stations. They also considered how well the songs have held up over time. Some of the tracks that made the list may not be popular today, but they were important to Queen's legacy and influence on rock music in general.

Do you think there will ever be another song that surpasses Silent Lucidity as their most iconic track or is that song cemented in history at this point ?

There is no doubt that Silent Lucidity is one of Queensryche's most iconic tracks. It has been played at countless concerts and remains a fan favorite. However, there is always the potential for another song to surpass it in popularity. With the band's ever-growing discography, it's impossible to predict which track will become their most popular. However, based on current trends, it seems likely that at least one more song will join Silent Lucidity on the list of Queensryche classics.

What do you think is missing from this list ?

  1. "The Queen Is Dead"
  2. "The Number of the Beast"
  3. "Iron Maiden"
  4. "Hallowed Be Thy Name"
  5. "Run to the Hills"
  6. "Aces High"
  7. "Priest of Love"
  8. "Children of the Damned" "No Prayer for the Dying